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Heart and Soul Wellness - Bettina Wietgrefe
Relaxation for heart, soul and body!
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Workshop Saturday, 2015 July 11, 14.00 h Instincts and emotions, what do they mean to us? Instincts are the base for our emotions and feelings. It is often not always immediately obvious why we can react so violently… one time happy, and sometimes frightened. Therefore it is good to know our instincts which forms the base of our feelings Instincts Humans and animals have instincts. Because of our instincts we are able to survive. Their function is to protect our lives and the persistence of our species. They are doing their work by raising emotions. Good emotions if we are to continue or bad ones if we are to stop with what we are doing. They are responsible for a lot of our emotions and feelings in our daily life. They create fear or joy to lead us. Unfortunately we often feel fear or discomfort in situations where it is not necessary anymore.  All ever experienced situations together with the instinct-made feelings are saved and filed in our brain. To live our life with less fear and discomfort it is necessary to change the old saved files. Why this workshop? Aim of the workshop is to take home a tool which you can use to change your old saved files; to calm down your instincts in your daily life. Then you will feel less and less fear or discomfort in your future. Contents of the workshop: Information about: Which instincts exist Why and how they work What they are doing with your emotions Exercises: To bring together mind and feelings Mediation to encounter your own instincts After the workshop you will have a tool that you can work with in your daily life to feel better and better! Saturday, 2015 July 11, 14.00 h The workshop is dependent on the audience in English or Dutch. The workshops takes place at: Bodyflex 100% Catharina, Frederik Straat 60 A, 2514 LL The Hague Costs: 30 Є, duration 2.5 hours, registrations by mail or telephone: info@heartandsoulwellness.nl 06/29041811 070/3225923
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