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- Energy work with Matrix-Inform / Matrix-Energetics

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Relaxation for heart, soul and body!
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How does the work with Matrix-Inform®/Matrix-Energetics look like?

It will be worked with the two-points method. The hands of the practitioner are placed at two points of the body or held very close to the body. Through deliberate attention and letting the universal energy flow - which is in everything and everywhere -  can, as described below, the reality get changed. Stored , retained energy can be released and transformed, without the need to know exactly where the cause of an issue is, what the exact reason for the current situation is. In this form of energy work, the energy is not flowing through the practitioner to the client, but the practitioner makes the connection between client and universal energy. This energy then works independently in the clients energy field. In many cases, changes are immediately noticeable. The body shows by mild to intense motor response that “something” happens. Problems (for example old, unconscious patterns of behaviour which have its origin in the past) will be transformed. The transformation forces can sometimes continue for days, which even can be felt in small physical signs. While working with the matrix, it might happen that the practitioner and/or the client will have impulse thoughts, emotions, or pictures for their inner eye. This is a sign of the subconsciousness, which issues are being solved. Matrix-Inform®/Matrix-Energetics is not a diagnostic or therapeutic advice and does not replace a visit to your doctor or health care practitioner.

A few physical basics:

Consciousness creates reality Matter, and indeed all forms of life and neuter things, consists of atoms. Atoms consist of protons, neutrons and electrons. Protons and neutrons form the nucleus and the electrons orbiting the nucleus. The core itself is ten thousand times smaller than the whole atom – this is tiny in comparison to the shell that surrounds him. So is the atom mostly made of “nothing” (99,999999%), namely the empty space around the core in which only the electrons are buzzing around. Protons, electrons and neutrons are also mostly made of “nothing”. The remaining part of the just mentioned consists of particles = quarks. There are theories that these smallest particles also are made of nearly “nothing”. According to the modern quantum physics an electron moves in so-called “probability space”. If we begin to observe it, it changes the track, which it would have taken otherwise. The physicist Heisenberg and Bohr theorized that the universe consists of many co-existing possibilities. Only when an observer’s attention to “something” is directed by these quantum possibilities, the possibility becomes reality. Experiments confirm this theory. When we work with our consciousness, when we direct our consciousness at “something”, we will make changes. This is exactly what happens when we work with Matrix-Inform®/Matrix-Energetics. Furthermore, the physicists noted that the smallest particles, even it they are far apart, received the same information and accordingly acted differently than they had previously done. This is a possible explanation for the fact that the pracititioner can work with people over a long distance. If you want more detailed information about the physical relationships, you will find information, book reviews, etc. on the website: www.heede-institut.de, www.matrix-inform.com  (german) or www.matrixenergetics.com (English) Matrix can help with: pain, discomfort, limited mobility, high blood pressure, hormonal    imbalance, injuries fear, e.g. Arachnophobia, acrophobia, claustrophobia, fear of los Emotional trauma from loss of a person, by accident, divorce, loss of work      unresolved internal and external conflicts between parent and child or    husband and wife mental blockages, beliefs desires, goals and visions (achieve these desires) Download Klienten Info
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This training was developed by various educations, training courses and seminars that I have attended in the area of emotions, and other courses dealing with a life in balance. I am working with the knowledge about the existence and the functioning of the instincts. These instincts are responsible for a lot of feelings in our daily life and relationships. A brief introduction: Humans and animals have instincts. Because of our instincts we are able to survive. Their function is to protect our lives and the persistence of our species. They are doing her work by rising emotions. Good emotions if we shall continue or bad ones if we shall stop with what we are doing. They are responsible for a lot of our emotions and feelings in our daily life. They create fear or joy to lead us. Unfortunately we often feel fear or discomfort in situations where it is not necessary anymore.  In our brain are saved all ever experienced situations together with the instinct-made feelings. When we would like to live our life with less fears and discomfort it is necessary to change the old saved items. The instincts are sitting in a part of our brains that is not connected with our "thinking" brains. Our thinking brains and our (emotional) memory (and/or our subconscious) sits in another part. In this part (subconscious) are stored all ever experienced situations with the instinct made feelings that we had in that moments. Only in this part of the brains we can change the old “items”. If the old items provides recurring ballast, it is necessary to delete the old saved connections between a situation and the bad feelings, and to make new connections. How this can be done, I would like to show you in a workshop or personal training. A workshop contents: Information about: Which instincts exist Why and how do they work What are they doing with your emotions Exercises: Where you bring together informations and feelings Mediation where you will meet your own instincts After that workshop you will have a tool where you can work with in your daily life to feel better and better! Besides participating in workshops, there is also the possibility of a personal training. The advantage of a Personal Training is that it is more detailed and focused on your feelings.

Lifeadvice/Training of emotions

What can I do for you and what do you benefit if you follow a individual training or Workshop:


Meaning of word: Rei: universal or soul Ki: energy Reiki comes from Japan and means universal life energy or soul energy: Mikao Usui discovered early last century, how man can use this power in order to improve his own good and that of his environment. Reiki energy is the power that surrounds us and that we all use every day and that heals us, even if we do not notice it. When this power or energy is blocked, it leads to illness or discomfort. Mikao Usui developed a method by which the universal energy can be absorbed and passed on; called: Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki is a Japanese term for all hand healing techniques and was then taken over by the West, often for healing methods that have nothing to do with the original Reiki. Reiki is very simple, clear and pure in its application. By laying hands on a body, energy (Reiki) is passed to the client. The Reiki practitioner is just a channel for the energy, and none of its own energy is transferred to the client. On the contrary, he is doing well treated even itself. The Reiki practitioners feel during treatment different sensations in his hands, which determine the length and intensity of the laying on of hands. Reiki can be learned by anyone, without exception, and is also ideal for self-treatment. Reiki always treats at all levels. Physical, mental and emotional problems can be solved with Reiki.